Crave Financial Privacy

A decentralized, community-driven, and energy-efficient payment system which values the privacy of its users.

Cutting Edge

Crave is a fully Proof of Stake cryptocurrency which focuses on keeping the anonymity and privacy of its users, ultimately allowing for untraceable transactions. Features include masternodes, Zerocoin Protocol enhancement, governance system, LightX instant send, and an advanced and friendly user interface

Zerocoin Protocol

CRAVE embraces true anonymity. Zerocoin Protocol allows for direct anonymous payments between parties by breaking the link between an address that receives funds and the subsequent transaction that spends these funds.

Governance & Budgeting

An implemented system to give the community a voice to vote on proposals and the direction of the project. Up to 9% of block rewards are allocated to project development.

Masternodes V2

Masternodes help facilitate instant transactions, maintain privacy of transactions, and play a crucial role in the voting process of the governance system. Multiple masternodes can run on a single IP address on any port, with monitoring capability in the wallet.

Improved Experience

The CRAVE wallet, website, and several other materials will be completely overhauled for your experience (see roadmap).

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